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The World of the Outdoors

publication date: Jan 28, 2016

A British Society of Sports History (BSSH) North West Regional Network Event

Are you currently researching the history of any outdoor pursuit(s) or sport and leisure activities associated with the outdoor environment in the UK or globally?

We are seeking speakers for a one day conference to be held at the University of Cumbria (Lancaster campus) on Friday 24 June 2016.

Abstracts of c.250 words are invited (for 20 minute papers) which consider any economic, social, political aspect of leisure and sporting activities in the outdoors from an historical perspective, including but not limited to:

  • Single or comparative case studies of particular outdoor pursuits or outdoor recreational activities (e.g., rambling; climbing; canoeing; pot holing; sailing; skiing; paragliding; hunting)
  • Influential figures and / or philosophical perspectives in the development of outdoor pursuits, uses of the outdoor environment or preservation/conservation of it (e.g., in the fields of education, tourism or heritage)
  • The politics of influential voluntary organizations or state bodies in the development of outdoor pursuits, uses of the outdoor environment or preservation /conservation of it
  • The cultural construction of ‘the outdoors’ or associated activities (e.g., textual representations)
  • Aspects of the economic history of the outdoors in relation to topics such as sport, tourism, or commercialization
  • Issues of class, gender, race, age, family and ethnicity as impacting historically upon access to, and experiences of, the outdoors and associated pursuits
  • Expressions of local, regional and national identities through participation in outdoor pursuits
  • The relationship between urban and rural leisure pursuits  

This event presents an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded researchers. Presenters and delegates will be able to discuss their work for potential publication in the peer-reviewed journal Sport in History.  

Please submit enquiries / abstracts by email to: Professor Mike Huggins: by 12 Noon, 4 April 2016.

Conference Committee: Prof. Mike Huggins; Dr Carol Osborne; Dr Heather Prince

This event is part-sponsored by the University of Cumbria and the BSSH