Small Events Funding

The BSSH offers funding for research dissemination events. Guidelines for funding applications are as follows:

Application process and submission:

  • The application form and claim form are only available by download below
  • Completed applications must be submitted via email attachment to Dr Carol Osborne.
  • Applications will be considered on a case by case basis
  • A panel of three, to include non-executive members will be convened for this purpose by an Executive member of BSSH with conference experience
  • To be eligible, applications for first and second funding rounds must be received by the last Friday in September and the last Friday in January respectively
  • Applicants must provide a breakdown of key expenditure to allow informed decisions re: aspects of the event best suited for BSSH support
  • Where appropriate, alternative or additional funding sources will be advised to applicants
  • Awards will be notified, approved and minuted at BSSH Executive meetings
  • Evidence of expenditure must be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement within 28 days of the event


  • Applications should be consistent with the interests and aims of BSSH or demonstrate intention to enhance integration of sport history with other sub-disciplines
  • Available funds per annum: £1500 divided between two application rounds (£750 per round)
  • Unspent money from each round will be carried over to the subsequent round
  • An upper award limit of £500 is available to applicants within issued guidelines
  • Partial support, not complete funding of any event may be provided
  • Applications must demonstrate ability to generate independent funding sources (e.g., via registration fees; other participating bodies; home institution)
  • Whilst reasonable conference expenses are eligible (e.g., speaker travel expenses) fees payable to speakers are not eligible for funding
  • Events in receipt of funding must undertake to explicitly acknowledge BSSH support and distribute publicity materials to delegates as appropriate