Undergraduate Essay Prize

Sport in History and the BSSH are both committed to encouraging and supporting the next generation of researchers in sport history. This annual essay prize - which is awarded to the author of an outstanding undergraduate dissertation - aims to reward and to stimulate excellent undergraduate research in the discipline, and to introduce undergraduate researchers to the network of sport historians in Britain.

The winning dissertation will ordinarily have been awarded first class honours by the student’s university. It is selected by a panel of judges on the quality of the research, clarity of argument and expression, and originality.

The author is awarded £200 and free membership of the BSSH for one year, and invited to publish the paper on the BSSH website.

Entries for the 2023 prize are open!

Submissions for the 2023 Undergraduate Essay Prize are now underway.  Due to marking delays and disruptions over the Spring and Summer, the deadline for submissions to be received has been pushed back to Friday, December 15, 2023 at 11:59 BST.  All submissions from Chairs of Examining Boards should be sent to the head of the judging committee, Alec S. Hurley (ahurley@cardiffmet.ac.uk).

Regulations for the prize

Submission: Chairs of Examination Boards must recommend the essays for the prize. Sport in History is unable to accept submissions directly from students. 

Style: Different universities will have different requirements for undergraduate dissertations. We do not require a particular referencing convention or presentation style, but would expect each submission to be internally consistent.

Please note, Sport in History reserves the right not to award the prize if it does not receive submissions deemed to be of high enough quality.

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